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Equestrian Essentials provides the ultimate way to organize and transport all your tack essentials.

Our mobile tack cabinets are a better alternative to the traditional tack trunks and tack boxes. No heavy lifting! So, you can bring all the items you need for riding, competing, and caring for your horse easily from your stable to any location.

The light but strong metal construction provides space for multiple saddles, bridles, and much, much more.

Security is an increasing issue and our cabinets are lockable, to keep your valuable riding gear and other items safe and secure; giving you peace of mind.

With an Equestrian Essentials cabinet, you can be independent, organized and ready to concentrate on your ride.

No matter what your style or skill level is, your elegance is assured with this stylish cabinet.

All the Equestrian Essentials mobile cabinets are made from the finest quality materials by a small, European, family owned and operated company. Each cabinet is made start to finish with an attention to detail and strict adherence to the highest EU standards.

These cabinets have been recognized for years, for their reliability and craftsmanship throughout Europe and now they are finally available in the United States. For more specific information check our many different cabinet specifications and always feel free to contact us with your questions or suggestions at:


or call (757) 333-4698.

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